Christmas Gourmet Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving you don’t need to underestimate the power of food. Whether talking about buying a gift for a friend, a parent or someone else, you can certainly never go wrong with a gourmet basket. All you need to do is to know the person’s food preferences and order something magnificent like a basket full of tasty food that will make the person’s mouth water.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

No one can resist to the tastiness of this gift box. Hand-dipped and meant to be eaten and shared, a milk chocolate dipped strawberry gift box like this will give your favourite person a million reasons to smile. This box full of fruit gifts for Christmas is the best thing you could give to someone. The size of the box can depend on the number of dipped strawberries adorned with sprinkles or something else. An important thing to have in mind when ordering Christmas gift fruit box like this is that it should be ordered from a reliable and trusted store, so you can be sure that your gift will be received in its perfect condition. For this, you will also need to choose express delivery to ensure a safe and delicious fruit arrival. Complemented with a complimentary gift wrapping and gift card, this box may become his/her most treasured gifts of them all.

Chocolate-dipped Strawberry & Donut Combo Box

If you think that there isn’t any sweeter combo than chocolate-dipped strawberries, then you are wrong. If the person you plan to give a gourmet basket is crazy about sweets, then you can make her/his day by choosing sweet and savoury doughnut and fruit gifts for Christmas. Instead of just chocolate dipped strawberries, you can make a combination with chocolate-dipped doughnuts. But, instead of choosing the classic doughnuts, you can choose different doughnut flavours coated in various gourmet toppings. Once again, for this gift to arrive in its original condition, you will need to send them through express delivery, so they could arrive just on time when everything is still untouched.

Vegan Treat Basket

Who says that vegans or those who want to eat healthy can’t eat savoury things! Instead of just sending a fruit basket, you can get creative and choose something different. Vegan chocolates, strawberries, cherries, salted caramel bars, plant-based truffles, maple syrup and sweet balls made of nuts and various dried fruits are just some of the things that can be a part of this healthy and vegan savoury box.

The Gingerbread House

As we all know, no Christmas can pass without the presence of those tasty Christmas cookies on the table. This year, you can surprise a loved one by giving a cartoon made Gingerbread house filled with different flavoured cookies. A gift like this can certainly grab the wholes family attention, and not just the one of your person. For a treat like this, you can fill the Gingerbread house with gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, crispy sour cherry cookies, candy canes and simple vanilla cookies in different shapes (Christmas tree, snowman, stars, Christmas ornaments, etc.).

A Classic Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas is about enjoying the simple things, sharing and spreading love. So what could be more simple than eating chocolate and drinking wine with a loved one while making memories? It’s really the simple things in life that make it beautiful, and a gift like this will certainly be appreciated by anyone. Let the season be merrier for your favourite person by giving him/her a classic gourmet basket filled with chocolates in different flavours, pretzel twists, stoned wheat cracker, roasted and salted peanuts, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate, cheese and a bottle of quality red wine.

Elegant Tower Made of Boxes

Who says that boxes can’t be elegant? In case you want something more elegant yet simple, you can certainly choose something more unique like different sized boxes, stacked one on another and filled with different gourmet treats. Each box can be filled with both sweet and salty desserts in order to satisfy your person’s desires. For instance, one of the boxes can be filled with white chocolate truffles, the other with chocolate-coated peanuts, and the rest with mini pretzels, popcorn or different types of cheese. The number of boxes you choose can depend on how many things you want to include in the gift. To create even more stunning and Christmas tree alike present, make sure the boxes are made of coloured paper like for example green and red or metallic silver and golden boxes. They can be tied together with a shimmery golden bow.

Although not mentioned in every gift idea, but all of these gifts can be accompanied by a nice bottle of white or red wine. You can also include a Christmas candle and choose her/his favourite smell. Usually, they come in different smells like cinnamon and apple, mandarin, pomegranate, vanilla, amber and orange, red currant, evergreen and berry, chestnut, hazelnut and vanilla sugar.

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