Painting Supplies: Awaken Your Inner Artist

If you have finally decided to let your inner artist out and plan to get your very first painting supplies, congratulations. Painting is one of the best ways to transfer your creative energy and make art that one day may end at exhibitions. Even if you don’t plan to pursue a career in this field, but feel that you want to paint because it makes you feel calm or better, you should still get a paint tool set just as if you were a professional painter.This artistic world may seem aesthetically pleasing and as if these people do nothing but mix colours and paint them on a canvas. But, things are a bit more serious than that. Before you transfer your ideas from your head to the white canvas, you have to get your brushes, paints, easels, palettes, canvases and other tools. So, if you are new to this whole thing, here are several things you will need so you can begin to paint.

paint tool set


Canvas is one of the most popular materials for painting. When you getting your first canvas make sure that it has already been primed so you can easily start without bothering to do it by yourself. If you aren’t on a tight budget get a quality canvas rather than those cheaper student canvases (you’ll spot the difference immediately). Stretched canvas panels have deep or thin edges which give a more modern appearance and is great if you don’t want to paint the canvas. When it comes to the size, it’s up to your choices; you can get a super small one, to medium size, to a huge one. If you intend to show your paintings at an exhibition, then a larger canvas is a better idea. If you want to only practice, you can get a smaller canvas since it’s more convenient.

Acrylic Paint Set

When choosing your acrylic paint set you may feel confused not knowing which colours to get. There are numerous brands so usually can tell the difference in the quality by checking the price. Even if you’re a beginner you don’t have to go with student paints since they have more filler and less pigment, which will result in a less satisfying colour on the canvas. Your first paint tool set can contain several tubes, jars or bottles of acrylic paint (get them in a size of 60ml which is best for beginners). This size will last for a long time (if we assume you’re practising on a smaller canvas).
If you don’t know which colours you should buy, get paint in sets; the price will be more affordable this way and you can be sure that you got at least all primary colours.

Paint Brush
Selective focus of painting brushes ; Shutterstock ID 430316950; Purchase Order: AD029

Paint Brush Set

Since you’re a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed when choosing your paintbrushes. Start with a brush set since sets offer the essential brushes so you won’t have to worry whether or not you got all the important ones. Paintbrushes have various shapes and different bristles. Some are good for all situations, while others are more specific for more detailed work. Here are the different types of bristles and shapes
Hog bristle brushes are elastic, stiff and ergonomic and are excellent for oil painting because of their stiffness and durability. Sable bristle brushes aren’t made from sable hair but from the tail of species of mink that lives in North-Eastern China and Siberia. The bristles are very fine and are ideal for painting with oil or acrylic. These brushes are pricy and aren’t quite the best choice fr a beginner (because of the prices, unless you truly want to invest in expensive brushes). Synthetic brushes are what most beginners get because they are affordable and great for all painting mediums. They are made of synthetic bristles with animal bristles. Keep in mind that cheap synthetic brushes won’t last for a long time and will lose their shape quickly.

Easel and Palette

Easel and Palette

The easel will hold your canvas so you can paint without having to bother about ways to keep the canvas straight. There are various options such as A-frame, H-frame, giant easel, convertible, single mast and so on. The palette is a necessity for you to mix your paint. It comes in all forms and sizes and it’s made of various materials such as wood or plastic.

Palette Knife

A palette knife is a helping tool so you can mix your paints better. It can be also a great tool if you use it right; some artists use it to make more rigid or broken coloured paintings. The knife is very easy to clean, and even though now it seems like not so necessary tool, it will speed the painting.

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